Blogger Reveals List Of Married Men Angela Okorie Is Dating And It Includes Frank Artus

According to Nigeraian blogger actress Angela Okorie was attacked by the wife of a married man she was dating and not assassins like Angela wants the world to believe.

The wife is said to have sent thugs to blind Angela after unnsuccesful times of warning Angela to stay away from her husband.

A new development of the story is here and its names of some married men she dated.

According to Cutie Julls, Angela once dated the owner of Bay Lounge in Lekki in Nigeria as well as pastor Chidi and later Ghanaian actor Frank Artus.

According to her, Angela always blackmail men she dates after there is a breakup in order to milk money from her victims of which pastor Chidi was a victim.

Later Frank Artus became her next victim but that was not monetary demands apparently, she loved him and just didn’t want him to go.

This indicates that she has been in the dating of married men for quite a long tim now.

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