Boakye Gyan Curses Rawlings…’I Will Not Be Surprised If He Goes Mad Before Dying’

by - 2 mins

Retired Major Boakye Gyan has stated in an interview on Neat FM that former president of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings will not die a normal death.

According to him the former president murdered Flt Lt. Kojo Le -one of his closest Lieutenants during the June 4th uprising and might run mad before he dies.

He stated that the former president “might deny it but those who know the record will testify to this. Kojo Lee threatened to expose him and that was his end; you can quote me anywhere. Ask Rawlings where is Kojo Lee; what happened to him?”

He also said that the former president is still fit and not dead because of the intervention of his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

Explaining how Rawlings Murdered his closest Lieutenant, he said, “he hanged Kojo Lee on a helicopter with blocks tied to his legs and drowned him in the Ocean.

“Rawlings will not die a normal death, I will not be surprised if he goes mad before dying . . . after all I have done for him . . . he’s not behaving like a normal person . . . (apart from that) he is tribalistic. I am prepared to face him squarely”, he said.

Out of anger he concluded that he is prepared to face the former president squarely so if he barks he will bark double.