Bobrisky list the 7 steps in being the perfect side chick to a married man

Nigeria’s popular cross dresser and transgender, Bobrisky is one of the most talked about celebrities and doesn’t need to introduce herself anymore. She is the most popular transgender to ever make it in Nigeria.

What matters to her most is to get money and more money so as to buy more heart. She really likes doing giveaway as she terms it a way to give back to her fans. As most of her fans are always seen begging for money(blessing) in her comment section.

Her best friend Tonto Dikeh is the only Nigerian celebrity who would go miles, swim through tantrums and hates to bring Bobrisky from the double edge verbal sword of Nigerians.

The cross dresser has taken to Instagram to give ladies the 7 steps to take i order to be a perfect side chick to married man. According to him: Now listen up girls. Go get a pen 🖊 and write dis down. How to become a rich SIDE CHICK 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
1) Never show or tell anyone who u are fucking
2) you think you have friends ? Naaa you don’t. Don’t ever tell ur friend who is paying ur bills. No matter how close u guys are
3) learn how to keep SECRET. It important because it helps a lot
4) The moment you catch a big boyfriend.. give him all d style his wife can’t give him at home.
5) Never be jealous, he is not ur husband. He is a married man. Fuck him well and Chop his money coded
6) Never act desperate…. work hard and wait for his own additional support.
7) learn to dress to kill, smell nice and stay beautiful always.



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