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Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mansion In Portugal Robbed

Reports currently gathered from the world of football indicates that Cristiano Ronaldo’s home in Portugal, Madeira, has been burgled with police currently investigating the whole situation. According to the report gathered, The thief got access to the property through an open garage door.

According the the island paper Diario de Noticias Madeira, a signed Juventus shirt was taken amongst the items stolen.Apparently, the alarm was raised by a relative of Cristiano Ronaldo as at October 7, 2020.

Police have officially visited the property and in the process identified the thief. According to the police, the thief is someone who is already known to them after looking at the CCTV cameras. No official arrests have been yet but guess what, Ronaldo and his family spent the first part of the lockdown staying in that same mansion with girlfriend and children.



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