Busted: Xandy Kamel And Tracey Boakye Exposes Gospel Musician Ohemaa Jacky And Her Numerous Visits To Some Shrines!!

A day in our lives will not pass without waking up to see our favorite stars and celebrities engaging in beefs. While some of these beefs and grudges involves musicians, actors, resentment among pastors and to mention a few.

This week, the latest news buzzing on social media is that of the heightened beef between Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye, Xandy Kamel and gospel musician Ohemaa Jacky. The three women have been on each other’s throat on their personal Instagram pages with various allegations.

The two actresses’ Tracey Boakye and Xandy Kamel teamed up against the musician when the latter took to her social media to rain insults on the ‘Baby Mama’ producer, Tracey Boakye.
In a bid to expose the ‘true identity’ of the gospel musician, the actresses have been releasing series of videos of the artiste’s visit to a fetish priest.

The intention of the release is unknown but social media users are questioning if indeed the musician has been engaging in black magic ‘juju.In the leaked video, a woman purported to be the gospel artiste is seen chanting and invoking some spirit as part of the rituals to get a hit song and suppress the progress of the other colleague musicians.

Xandy Kamel also took to Instagram to share another video with the caption;“Ohema Jacky it’s good you have replied me name all those I blackmailed ooo because I lost count and am. Broke so I want to do more I also have more of your videos ooo so don’t worry I will post as soon as you reply again sia instead of you to retract the lies you are seeking for attention with it okay ooo let’s all do it.”

Watch the videos below:

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