Busted:Princess Shyngle Deceived The World About Her Tapoli Shape As Her Balloon Like Shape Pops Up on Social Media(+Video)

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If anyone is looking for a lady who has so much contours, Princess Shyngle, Gambian actress can never be over looked.

Her tapoli like shape has always been the talk of town as people can’t comprehend how a person could possess such a waist.

She has always defended her waist being natural plus a little waist training.

Unknowingly to the world, tapoli like shape wasn’t her real waist but the help of waist trainers helped her achieve that effect.

In a video monitored on social media, the Gambian actress revealed her waist with and without a waist trainer just to advertise her waist trainers.

This means that Princess Shyngle has always used waist trainers to deceived the world about having a smaller waist.

Below is the video below: