“Chairman atia Brock no so” Social media users react as another Game Boy is gunned down for sitting on colleagues money

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Another big Game Boy has been gunned down for sitting on his colleagues money. This somes after a young guy of 22 years was gunned down in the Ashanti Region for allaged sitting on his colleague money when the deal was set.

It street code for middle men to always take their percentage and pass the rest to the owner so everyone can live peacefully. However it seems boys of nowadays are greedy as they tend to refuse to take thier cut hence sitting on the whole amount.

According to a post by one Daniel in the popular Facebook group inna real life, it seems this is the norm of the day as owners of the huge money do not forgive when middle men refuse to take their cut and hand over the rest.

It seems the norm these days is to gun them down so they are not able to enjoy the money. Both lose at the end. See post below