Cheak Out List Of Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa [2020]

Time was taken to calculate the worth of African countries and we discovered the poorest ones amongst them.

The poorest countries in the Africa. How are countries wealth determine? Well, countries wealth are determined by using a method called The GDP per capita. GDP per capita is simply a dollar value ratio of a country’s final yearly income divided by the country’s population. So the larger a countries population is the more their wealth is reduced. Knowing fully well most people would disagree with my list, but I would simply like to add that this method is the most effective and this is the reason why it is used worldwide.

I think after achieving to educate you all about how countries wealth are calculated, I would go straight to the main topic of today.

Below is the list for the top 10 poorest countries in the Africa (2020):

  1. Ethiopia

The country is located In the eastern part on Africa. It has a population of about 109. 2 Million as of 2018. Ethiopia is know worldwide for their production of coffee, maize. Quick facts Ethiopia is Africa’s second biggest maize producers.

(GDP Per Capita: $783)

  1. Mozambique

The former Portuguese Colony Mozambique is a southern African nation with population of over 29. 5 Million as of 2018. With many arable land and water and mineral resources, Mozambique is nice country.

(GDP per capita: $512)

  1. Somalia

With over 15 million as of 2018, Somalia is located In east Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the West and the capital city is Mogadishu. Even if the country is not financially stable, I really think they has potentials in the nearest future.

(GDP Per Capita: $478)

  1. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Since gaining independence from Belgium in 1960, the Democratic Republic of Congo also know as DR Congo has suffered many years of political instability and constant violence all through the nation.

But after the new elected president the country seems to be doing much better, until the corona virus pandemic which has affected the country financially and economically.

(GDP per capita: $448. 7)

  1. Madagascar

Officially called the Republic of Madagascar and the second largest country island. Madagascar was previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is a country located on an island few kilometers off the coast of East Africa. It has a population of 22 million as 2018.

(GDP Per Capita: $415. 32)

  1. Malawi

One of Africa’s smallest country Malawi, located in the southeastern part of Africa, having a population of over 18 million as of 2018. This beautiful country is Famous worldwide for having the largest number of fish species in the world.

Even as beautiful and safe Malawi Is, they still get it rough in terms of it’s economy and country’s wealth in general.

(GDP per capita: $402. 4)

  1. Niger

The Republic of the Niger, popularly called Niger which was named after the Niger River, is the largest country in west Africa with land area of almost 1, 270, 000 km 2 (490, 000 sq mi).

The country shares border with these five countries: Chad, Libya, Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Algeria. It has a population 22. 4 million as of 2018.

(GNI per capita: $400)

  1. Liberia

A country located in the western part of Africa, bordering Sirerra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire in this list in the poorest country in the world as of 2020.

With a growing population of 4. 8 million as of 2018, Liberia is really suffering in terms of it’s economy.

In even disadvantage there is also a corresponding advantage. Well as for Liberia, one of the major disadvantage is the economy difficulty and the advantage is that the nation has being peaceful since the last civil war in 2003.

(GDP per capita: $360)

As a reminder, The GDP per capita is simply a dollar value ratio of a country’s final yearly income divided by the country’s population.

  1. The central African Republic

The central African Republic is obviously in the central part of Africa as the name implies. A country having over 4. 7 million people as of 2018 has experienced violence over the years ranging from conflict to corruption and so on. This has resulted in the country’s low income and massive poverty rate among it’s residents.

I really think CAR have potential of overcoming their poverty rate in the nearest future.

(GDP per capita: $335. 03)

  1. Burundi

A small landlocked country officially called the Republic of Burundi located in east – central part of Africa. Having population of over 11. 2 million as of 2018 the country is the 3rd poorest country in the world according to this list.

(GDP per capita: $309. 870)



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