Check Out Facts About Anold Schwarzenegger You Never Knew And How He Looks Now

A lot of people might know actor Anold Schwarzenegger because of roles he plays in American movies but some interesting facts about him and other careers he ventured in isn’t something most people are aware of. Anold is one of Austrian-American actors who have won the hearts of many movie lovers including Africans. He is loved world wide for the energy and strength he exerts in playing his role and making it come alive.

Anold is now 56 yet does some interesting things the youths might find difficult doing. In celebrating legends while they are still alive we have decided to zoom into his life a bit.

As the second son of Gustav and Aurelia Schwarzenegger, he was born on 30th July 1947 and was raised in a small village called Thal. His father Gusrav was a police man at the time he was born and was once been a Military officer, owing to this, his house hold was ran in a strict manner.

Although Anold showed signs of a promising soccer player he turned out to love body building more when he was one time exercising to keep his legs fit for soccer. Interestingly, because of his passion to always build his body he won his first body building title just one month after enlisting into the Austrian army. Schwarzenegger was once governor for California on October 8 2003 where he was elected after contesting for the position.

He starred in action movies like The Terminator, Commando, Predator, Total Recall etc. Having amass a great deal of wealth due to his trademark, he invested in real estate and other businesses like restaurant chain Planet Hollywood.

Schwarzenegger has four kids, two girls and two boys. His wife Shriver was very popular because she was from one of the famous families in the United State. Her mother is Eunice Kennedy Shriver who is the sister of former U.S President John F.Kennedy who died in 1963.

Anold is now aging haven grown a lot of grey hair now. Despite being old he still builds his body and that is one of the amazing things about him.

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