Checkout 5 ways to lighten your partners mood when they are down emotionally

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When things are tough at Home or in the relationship, do this 5 things to light up your partners mood. Let them feel love and appreciated as you make changes.

  1. Be affectionate at all times , with hugs, a wink, a spank on his backside while he is walking pass you. They will love it.

  1. Be his ride or die. Drop what ever you are doing when he need someone to talk to or having a difficult time and listen to him with rapt attention.
  2. Write him cute messages and a list of all the reasons you fell you fell i love with him. Read it to him or leave it where he can find it.
  3. Do simple things for him often. Coo and serve him food while in his favorite bump short or put on his favorite perfume when he is around

  1. Prepare his favorite food, get up early and prepare his breakfast. Its true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.