Checkout List of all the Schools with confirmed Coronavirus Cases

In March 2020, Ghana recorded it first 2 cases of the deadly coronavirus case. This threw the whole country into a state of Panic.

People were just running heather skeeter as they tried to get stuffs to protect themselves. A lot also claimed the heat from the sun kills the virus. There were so many speculations as there was a myth that the virus cannot kill any black person.

Currently in Ghana, there are over 21,000 confirmed cases. So its clear most of the speculations are untrue. Universities, senior high schools and Junior high schools are currently opened for the third years to write their finally year exams.

Some schools are reported o have confirmed cases but before they were stories circulating that some schools have recorded confirmed cases but it turned out to be false.

Adisadel College had 3 of it students tested positive but the headmistress of the college refuted those saying none of her Student has reported ill.

Mfantseman Senior High was the next to be hit by stories of confirmed cases. It was said that they School has recorded 13 cases but it turned out to be false news as the Headmistress of the School, Phyllis Arthur came out to debunk such rumors.

Apam Senior High School also has it fair share of the fake news as rumours claim they had recorded 7 confirmed cases but it turned out to be false.

Away from the fake confirmed case, some schools have recorded some real confirmed cases and below is the list.

University of Ghana

The University was in the news after one of their student tested positive for coronavirus. The school was closed immediately and the contact tracing began.

Accra Technical University

The Technical University recorded its first case on the 23rd of June,2020 after a National Service personnel in one of the undisclosed department tested positive to the virus. Six colleagues were immediately isolated as they got in contact with him.

Accra Girls Senior High

Yesterday, june 29th 2020, six students tested positive after their samples were taken. 5 other students were showing symptoms of the virus but their results turned out to be negative after their samples were taken but are currently in isolation.



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