Checkout the History of Dr Ram Beckley, the Occultist who terrorized and allegedly killed Many school childern in Ghana

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Dr Sir Yogi Ram Beckley was an occultist and a doctor who allegedly kidnapped and Killed school childern and sacrificed them the his gods. When Dr Beckley as he is popularly called was arrested, he had many school uniforms and Human Skull in his House.

This incident happened at Fadama after his house was burnt down by angry mob in the area. Dr Beckley resurfaced again in Gbawe in 2002 where he kidnapped a 13 year old Girl and her friend, dragged one to his room while he tied the other to a tree.

The girl tied to the tree called out for help which attracted passerby to rescue her. The police searched his house when the issue was reported to them but they never found the girl that was dragged to his room. His house was again burnt down by angry youths.

His storey building at New Fadama has a very tall fencing so no one could really see what went on in his house Which made it harder for his victims to escape. A lot of people claim he ate the flesh of his victims and drank their blood.

His house has now been turned into a place of worship and a prayer camp for a church. Dr Beckley’s era made parents hide their childern in their home and bedroom for fear of being kidnapped and used for rituals.

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