Chelsea Vs Man City; All You Need To Know About The Much Awaited Champions League Finals Happening Today

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In a definitely challenged Champions League last between two English groups, the two groups have shown their yearning in securing the title.

Manchester City is hoping to break the curse and guarantee the prize without precedent for the club history with Spanish Manager Pep Guardiola while Chelsea’s boss Thomas Tuchel is likewise desiring for the prize.

The two managers have discussed the game and what they expect out of the match. Up to 16,500 individuals will be permitted inside Porto’s Estadio do Dragao ground to watch the game with Coronavirus conventions set up.

This is what Pep Guardiola had to say; ”I know exactly the way we want to play, with who we’re going to play and I’m not going to bother them much, It’s an incredible experience to be here. I know exactly what I’m going to tell them. The guys who are anxious and nervous, I will tell tham that’s normal.

He further added; I’m pretty sure we have to suffer to win the final. It’s nice to say enjoy it but sometimes it’s not possible. You have to be resilient and adjust.”

Tuche also had this to say; ”I have full trust that everybody wants it, It is about hunger and always on the highest level in sport it comes down to how bad do you want it? I have felt us very concentrated, focused and disciplined in the build-up this week.

He added; It’s always tough to play against City, Bayern or Barcelona when Pep is on the sidelines. He creates huge belief and success and has a huge winning mentality”.