Church Members Mocked Me, Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Battled With Endometriosis, Ovarian Cyst-See Photos.

A Nigerian lady named Stormrex Ekeng Inyang has taken to Facebook to narrate how she battled with Ovarian Cyst for years before she finally conceived.

According to her, she was diagnosed few weeks to her wedding of Ovarian Cyst,l and it made her have difficulty in conceiving. She further revealed that she was kicked by church members and street people.

Inyang who is the wife of the SSA to the Governor of Cross River State on Stategic Communication, Andrea Inyang made a lengthy post on her Facebook page on Monday, November 2.

The post read in part;

This is to encourage a sister who is still in the waiting room:

“Three weeks to my marriage introduction what should have been normal period turned to non-stop bleeding. Hubby then fiancee took me to the lab where I was told I had endometriosis, PID and Ovarian Cyst. The doctor told me to bring a deposit of 40k to commence treatment immediately cos if I delayed further I could bleed to death and that the earlier I arrested the case the larger my chance of conceiving as delay could make me unable to conceive.  I told hubby about it and I remember his question “Is that doctor God, what makes him feel he can conclude on you”

“Prophecies came from different directions… Some said my womb had been tied and id never be able to conceive again, some said there was a pot swallowing my babies etc… Medically I wasn’t fit, spiritually I lost it and physically I gave up.

“Street people who didn’t know I understood efik ridiculed and insulted me, church members kept looking out and stylishly mocking me to a point I stopped going to church.

“This is it…there’s power in the tongue and faith makes all things possible. I only needed patience but I lost it completely. I wasted monies buying drugs and taking herbs. I wasted time crying instead if dancing. I let people get to me with their insults and mockery. That’s not what moves God…he’s moved by faith and praise.”

Pictures of the couple and their baby is currently making rounds on social media.

See photos/full post below;

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