City Boy down: Man discovers his Girlfriend of 6 years lied to him about Traveling Abroad just to marry another Man in Ashongman Estate

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A lengthy story of how a Man discovered that the his fiancee whom he claim is currently in Abroad studying to make things better is getting married to another man in an estate has sparked debate on social media

According to the young lady who shared the post, She claim a male friend of her’s updated his whatsapp status with a lady who’s engagement she attended yesterday at Ashongman Estate here in Accra.

The young man identified as Sylvanus B claim he and his Girlfriend have been dating for 6 years now and that the Girl just had a scholarship to study abroad there she is currently in Germany and that He hasnt heard from her for 3 weeks because she isnt settled.

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‘I just saw, my male friend (Sylvanus B. ) update his WhatsApp status with a lady whose engagement I attended yesterday at Ashongman Estates with my Mum.

And the caption was “am missing you already, but I know you’re studying hard for our future children to have a Finland trained Biochemist”.

When I asked him, he says, thus his fiancée and they’ve been dating for 6 years now and the lady had a scholarship to study in Germany and she left three (2) weeks ago to prepare and travel out of Ghana on Wednesday (29th July, 2022). So he haven’t heard from her since she’s is yet to settle down in Germany.

They only exchange emails and WhatsApp messages for now.

I was shocked and shared a picture of the lady and I with him. He gladly confirmed she was the one, I asked him, are you talking about Suzzy O. Agye…, he responded in the affirmative.

I hanged up the call, pulsed for 18 minutes while he called 3 times but I didn’t respond.

I narrated everything to my mum, who called her friend (the married ladys’ mum) and this woman had the nerves to confirm she was aware of her daughter’s relationship with my friend Sylvanus but she won’t allow him marry her daughter because Sylvanus was a TEACHER.

My mum asked this woman was this not the huy that looked after your daughter at the University and helped her got a Job as well.

She said yes, but he also slept with her without marriage.

My mum just said “Ayeeko ” and hanged up.

She turn to me and said asked me to call Sylvanus and my Mum spoke to Sylvanus as a mother.

Deep within me, I know Sylvanus is hurt because I met this guy at Hohoe in Volta Region with my Ex and he helped us fix our tyre at 11pm on the Hohoe – Golokwati stretch while he gave us motor escort till he got to Obama Guest House in Hohoe.

Sylvanus was such a nice person and kept talking about his girlfriend and used that as a point to advice me to reconcile and work out things between my Ex and I.

This is a guy, who put up a container for the so called fiancée mum at Ashaiman Newtown ooooooo. Sylvanus mother was instrumental to help Suzzy secure her GRA Job.

Today they are doing their engagement in Ashongman estate while they were hustling in Ashaiman in time past.

Heeerrrr, some people are heartless and dangerous to good hearts.