Cj Biggerman gives reason why he boldly approached Rick Ross.

by - 2 mins

Rapper CJ Biggerman has revealed the reason he boldly approached American rapper, Rick Ross upon his arrival at the reception of the hotel he stayed when he visited Ghana. The young rapper explained that he was very certain that he would be given a chance only if Rick listened carefully to him.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, Biggerman said he had learnt from the examples of other rappers who have now made a name for themselves after giving a freestyle to other big artistes. “I have seen so many people, Big Sean got signed by giving a freestyle to Kanye West, Nas gave a freestyle to Jay Z even Drake a freestyle to Lil Wayne,” he said. He spoke about how he had never received a negative reaction from any audience during his performances throughout his career. 

According to him, that informed his decision to brave the odds. “Nobody has really done that in Africa so let me just take my shot and try my luck. I knew I wasn’t going to be turned down,” he explained. Meanwhile, he stated that he is working around the clock to release his EP which is in the pipeline.

I have not relaxed” he clarified. In December 2019, CJ Biggerman met Rick Ross who just landed in Ghana with a rap freestyle to the surprise of all present. Later, Ross announced that he would perform with the Ghanaian rapper at Detty Rave where he was billed to perform.