Counselor Charlotte Oduro reveals why weed smokers are the most loyal friends one can ever have

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Ghanaian Female counselor, Charlotte Oduro has revealed that People who smoked weed are the most loyal people anyone could ever have.

According to her. she grew up in the Zongo where most people who live there smoked weed and that those in her circle also mocked weed.

She revealed that from her experience, those who smoked marijuana are very honest, loyal and that they have a clean heart hence the reason why most ladies prefer to date them.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM, the counselor claim weed smokers are not hypocrites like most people think.

In her words, She said: “I used to be very disrespectful because of the environment I grew up in zongo and life was difficult for my parents so we had to struggle our way through school so I was always in the company of Men.”

“And most of these guys were weed smokers. The reason why I was with weed smokers is that they are fair and honest. They are not hypocrites and they love genuinely”