Counselor Lutterodt Disgraces Freelove Says She is @shawo for Going To ‘Date Rush’

Controversial Ghanaian counselor George Lutterodt has spoken on the fact that Date Rush, which is aired every Sunday on TV3 is an @shawo show on several occasions.

In a one on one with Freelove, a contestant of the show he described her as an @shawo. According to him its only such people who will go on a show and would want to entice a man so that he can be intimate.

While at the studios of Neat FM, even though Freelove tried defending herself saying that there is nothing going on a show to find a date, counselor was quick to say that no man in Freelove’s area is admiring her and that is how come she got inspired to join the show.

Meanwhile Freelove became very famous on social media when Ignatius, a male contestant on the ‘Date Rush’ show who lifted her hopes high of picking her on a date but turned her down in the end.

Is counselor Luterodt really right about his assertions?




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