Couple who accidentally threw away £15,000 at recycling plant gets their money back

Daily mail has reported that a couple in UK almost lost €15,000 to a recycling plant when they gave out their trash of boxes containing the money out.

According to the report, the boxes were packed from a deceased relatives house and unknowingly for them, it contained €15,000.

The couple are said to be from Bunham-On-Sea, and they took boxes from a deceased relative’s house to a recycling port in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, without knowing that a big amount of money was in one of them.

Fortunately for the couple, a staff chanced on the money while looking for an electric cable and contacted the Avon and Somerest police who were able to find the couple through CCTV footage from the recycling plant.

The car that dropped them was identified and the security officers were able to locate their address from there.

The couple revealed that the deceased relative use to hide money in secret places.

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