“Cutting People Off Isn’t As Easy As We Say It” Reality TV Star, Wathoni Anyansi Laments, Tweeps React- See Screenshots.

Reality TV star, Wathoni Anyansi has lamented about how cutting people off isn’t as easy as how people say it is.

According to her, it’s actually a good advice most of the time but it’s always hard when a person is in love because most people find it hard to let go.

Wathoni took to her Twitter page on Tuesday evening, January 5 to express this feeling.

She tweeted;

“Cutting people off isn’t as easy as we say it. Especially when you are in love.

“Cut him off Sis he doesn’t deserve you. Good advise most of the time but hard AF. Some of us are badasss when it comes to letting go. Do we also share any take home key points to go about it?”

Meanwhile, these tweets have continued to spark reactions from tweeps, many of them have given instances of what they did when they tried to ‘cut-off’ someone.

Some reactions reads;

@OlayinkaAlimot wrote;

“You just wake up at 3am and start missing him then the next thing you find yourself doing is chatting him and telling him how he treated you badly however you still love him”

@Samcent4 wrote;

“My dear even Jesus Christ said any branch that give no value shall be cut off. What are you waiting for Wathyyy Bebe. For your own sanity”

@Bibicutie2 wrote;

“True but you have to let toxic people go. I’ve learned how to do it because the more you stay with them the more they hurt you. You love yourself more than this person so why hurt you?”

@UkamakaMartha1 wrote;

“Cutting people off is easy for me, I find things to obsess over, delete them from all social platforms that’s it🤷🤷”

@Habby_smiles wrote;

“100%.. this is the reason I block such person on all social media to avoid things that would trigger me. Blocking doesn’t mean I hate you, I just wanna heal.”

@Bonolosworld wrote;

“Yes but you gotta remember who are, what you capable of  and what you deserve… That alone will motivate to keep going..Especially if you tried your best to make it work..  #knowyourworth”

See screenshots below;

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