Davido Allegedly Loses Interest In Marrying Chioma But His Father Insists He Marries Her Regardless

Assurance 2020 between Davido and Chioma was expected to be the biggest and exciting wedding ever but just when the two love birds were preparing to tie the knot the world got hit by a global pandemic hence delaying their wedding.

In 2021 despite the codvid-19 still being with humanity, their fans are expecting to see something or hear about their wedding but nothing of that is happening instead rumours of their breakup keep flying on social media.

According to a Nigeria blog Cutie_julls, Davido has told his father bluntly that he can no longer marry Chioma because he has lost interest but his father has insisted that he marries her because he has gotten involved by going to see Chioma’s family with Davido and so there is no way he is going to drag his reputation, image and integrity in the mud.

According to our sources Davido’s father has told him to hit him up when he changes his mind to marry Chioma until then he shouldn’t contact him. Papa Adeleke is much concerned about his son marrying Chioma because when he first told him his intentions of marrying Chioma he advised him to search his heart and he claimed he purely loved her.

Do you think it’s wise for parents to force their children to marry a particular person.



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