“Dear Men, Stop Forming Hard Guy, Cry When You Want To!” Ubi Franklin Says He Has Decided To Stop Trying To Be ‘Strong'(Photo)

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Nigerian music artiste manager, Ubi Franklin Ofem has written a letter to men who try so hard to be strong while they are facing issues.

Ubi said that many men are broken but they are afraid to speak up because they would be asked the question “Are you not a man”. He also spoke on men cheating in relationships, he said that in most cases men are said to be the problem.

The 34-year-old also urged men to speak up when they are going through domestic violence, blackmail and oppression. He made this call while sharing a text photo on his Instagram page on Tuesday, December 15.

He captioned the photo;

“Dear Men,Stop forming hard guy, cry when you want to and talk to someone when you have to🙏🏿❤️”

Meanwhile, this letter has sparked reactions on social media, many Nigerians have concurred with Ubi’s notion while others have said that “strong men don’t cry”

See screenshots below;