Derek Chauvin: The Minneapolis Police Officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes leading to his death has been convicted of Second and third degree murder and Manslaughter

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Last year, A black who goes by the name Gorge Floyd was murdered In the USA after 3 police officers in Minneapolis were seen kneeling on him with one kneeling on his Neck for almost 9 minute.

The Police officer who was seen kneeling on his neck was identified as Derek Chauvin and the Black community have since called for his arrest ever since a video of the unfortunate incident surfaced online

In this new and viral video, Derek Chauvin and two other white officers were actually caught on video kneeling on Floyd. Derek Chauvin the Police officer who knelt on Gorge Floyd’s neck was found Guilty of Murder Yesterday in connection to the death of Gorge Floyd.

He was convicted of Second and third degree murder in addition to Manslaughter. Watch the video below