Despite fly’s Son and In law off to Greece and Dubai for their HoneyMoon, Kency2020 – Full Details.

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After the long ride of every marriage ceremony comes off a time for the real deal, you better know what am talking about. A recent Konkonsa revealed to Pinaxonline suggests Mr Ken Asante Osei and Tracy Osei are in the process of leaving the country after an all expense paid trip made possible by father and in law Dr Osei Kwame Despite.

The couple as we are reliably informed would leave Ghana for Dubai and then gear off again to the remote hearts of Greece for a special honeymoon treat and experience and is no doubt Tracy is the luckiest girl in town now. With recent speculations that she is expecting a baby for Mr Kennedy, we wont be shocked if all this is been done to officially welcome despite’s first Grandchild to this world and lavish empire. Trust for more updates!