‘Di Asa’ winner PM allegedly denied boarding plane to Dubai due to her size

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Reports on several online platforms indicate that PM who’s the winner of ‘Di Asa’ dance competition has been denied boarding a plane to Dubai due to her plus size.

It was part of the prizes for the winner and two runner ups of the Atinka TV’s flagship reality show to travel to Dubai for a fun tour.However, PM who’s the ultimate winner couldn’t make the trip whiles the first and second runner ups, Maafia and Gaza, made the trip.

According to Jetsanza.com, PM, who was travelling with the other winners on Emirates Airlines, was denied boarding despite successfully checking in her luggage in person.It was also reported that a few minutes before being denied boarding, PM expressed her excitement about the trip and expressed gratitude to the Atinka Media Village for the opportunities given to plus size women.

Airlines are currently dealing with hundreds of suits over passengers who felt discomfort on long-haul flights after sitting next to plus-size passengers.Emirates Airlines cannot be blamed as you (the person reading this) won’t feel comfortable sharing your seat with someone on the plane.

Though PM’s body mass is higher than her runner ups, she could have made the trip if measures were put in place. Airlines require that passengers who cannot comfortably fit in a single seat purchase additional seat(s) at the time of making bookings. It’s always advisable for plus size passengers to purchase all the needed seats in advance before the day of travel. Emirates Airlines require that passengers with special needs contact the airlines at least 48 hours before their trip.

International rules on air carriage require airlines to make sure passengers are seated with their seatbelts fastened during taxiing, take-off, and landing. So if the airline does not have the means to ensure your safety on board, definitely you cannot be allowed to fly.

Most airlines remind obese people they will have to buy an extra seat if they are too large to fit in a standard seat ( That’s if they buy from the airline’s office in person).

Buying more seats was the only option for PM to sit on the plane comfortably. But her case could go beyond just her size. Weight of passengers are also of concern to pilots. Less weight means less fuel. Pilots will have to load more fuel if they know they are carrying more weight.