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Diamong Appiah allegedly threatens to drops Dirty secrets about Dr Kwame Osei Despite if he doesnt ….

We cannot tel what is really going on between Bosslady Diamond Appiah and Ghanaian Millionaire Kwame Osei Despite but it seems serious as Diamond Appiah has taken to her Instagram page to throw shots at The Millionaire.

The Bosslady is threatening to expose certain dirty secret of the Millionaire if he doesnt give her what is rightfully her.

To prove that she is not blabbing, she revealed that Dr Kwame Osei DeSpite allegedly paid a European Institute to Award him with a Doctorate Award so he can have a high status in society.

She wrote: So until we all buy private jet and use for over 5 years, Get to the top 20 billionaires list in Ghana etc we are all on the same level. You don’t pay my workers n I don’t pay yours, we all own properties in East legon therefore east legon doesn’t belong to you. The cheap titles u payed those Turkish oo s3 east European scammers to come n confer on ur illiterate asses to upgrade ur kantamanto status doesn’t mean shit to a well educated lady like me. With as little as 10 000 dollars any imbecile can pay for those titles. have u forgotten so soon how u use to hustle at kantamanto n sleep in people’s studios. Useless cheap men with no shame. The day I will erupt like a Tonardo n expose how u robbed me of my sweat to Ghanaians , nobody can quench my fire. Go n pay those small small girls u sleep with at east legon n give 500 gh šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Fools



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