Die-hard Fans Of Chelsea Drag And Blast A Twitter User Who Boldly Said He Should Be Called A ‘Disgrace’ If Chelsea Are Crowned UEFA Champions

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A young man with Twitter handle @sonjoe_kutuh is currently trending on social media unther the tag ”Disgrace” after taking to the microblogging platform to boldly state that people should call him a ‘Disgarce’ should Chelsea win the Champions League against Manchester City.

The young man took to the microblogging platform and tweeted with caption;

”If Chelsea win this game, call me a disgrace”

Well, on Saturday night May 29, 2021, Chelsea did justice to Manchester City by beating them 1-0 to be crowned Champions of Europe.

Right after the game, die-hard fans of Chelsea took to Kutuh’s handle to make sure his wish comes to pass by calling him a ”Disgrace” as he stated.

Checkout the reactions below;