DKB’s Big Head Like A Cow-Fireman Songo Blasts DKB For Competing With Shatta Wale Over Nikki Samonas

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Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale and comedian DKB have been competing with each over the love of actress Nikki Samonas.

But Shatta Wale seems to be in a comfortable lead because he has been able to compose a song in Nikki’s name as gotten a kiss from the actress. The competion is still ongoing and Fireman Song has joined the competion as a supporter of Shatta Wale.

In a new video spotted on social media, Fireman blasted DKB and compared his head to that of a cow saying that its very big.

He revealed that Nikki Samonas is rather his girlfriend and not for Shatta but he deliberately left her in Shatta’s care so DKB shouldn’t meddle with his girlfriend.

Watch the video below: