Donald Trump Tipped to Win US Elections as He Leads Biden In National Polling.

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Ground Breaking news has suggested Donald Trump might be on the verge to assume the presidency for the 2nd time, This was revealed after an independent Polling Agency conducted a Poll which put Donald Trump ahead of his Democratic Rival Joe Biden 2.5 Points in National Polling and +7 Points ahead of Joe Biden in Swings States which could decide the election.

This News came as Shock as Amanda Scrools, a lead frontier in conducting this polling Revealed that, if their polling per the data and the index used falls in MQ+ Positive, then Trump is on his way to Assume the Presidency.

But the legitamcy of this Polling has come under attacks as its crdibility has been question in regards to conducting correct pollings void of “propaganda”

We are following this update as Biden and Trump intensifies their campaign few days to Election (November 3rd) in key battleground states, the question of many Americans is Could history be repeating it self or Trump would be given a Red Card from the Oval Office following massive votes which put Biden in Charge?

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