Don’t Be In A Haste To Marry Else You Will Die Early-Says Patapaa

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Famous highlife singer, Justice Amoah well known as Patapaa has advised young Ghanaians who are preparing to get married to be cautious to avoid mistakes.

“The little I can say is that as for me I think marriage is good. But when the time is not due you need to be patient. Because it’s a long but not a short journey that’s what’s said proverbially,” Patapaa stated.

In an interview on Kastle FM he stated that no one should allow others to force them into marriage if the time is not right for them because it can lead to their early death.

“So what I know is that when the time is due for you to marry as a man or woman that’s better than rushing yourself into marriage at the wrong time. If the love isn’t one between the couple then the marriage becomes different”, Patapaa said to Amansan Krakye.

Patapaa further advised the youths to do proper background checks before settling on who to marry.