“Dont start something you cannot finish” Nana Tornado sends a strong warning to Pamela Odame

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Controversial Actor Nana Tornado has sent a strong warning to Popular Video Vixen, Pamela Odame not to cross his path for she would not be able to stand him.

According to him, he heard all the Insults Pamela odame rained on Him at Atinka TV during an Interview with Nana Adjoa as the host but he isn’t ready to descended the gutter with Her.

In an Interview, he also revealed that Pamela Odame cannot stand him when it comes to beef so she should start what she cannot finish

He stressed on the fact that Pamela was a big time whore and was not even his friend. He also claim the body guard he went with at that time witness everything and can testify to it but its not necessary since he doesn’t want to go that lane with her.