Double Wahala: Afia Schwarzenegger shares the love letter her 6 year old daughter got from her class mate

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It seems Ghanaians really want to be part of Afia Schwarzenegger’s family or they love getting on her Nerves as she has shared a love letter her daughter Pena got from probably one of her class mates.

Yesterday, the Mother of 3 and her family made the headlines after a video of one of her twins was seen begging a young lady identified as Naa Koshie after his Mother ended things between them claiming non of her sons will marry any Ghanaian lady.

However the son has denied the video saying the video is old and that he doesnt know how and why it even surfaced at the time.

In a new development, it seems Pena is the latest victim as her mother has shared a love letter she got from a guy probably in her class identified as PaaKofi.

The letter read” From PaaKofi to Pena “I love you B”