Efia Odo drags Kwadwo Sheldon into the Mud for sharing a document alleging that Mahama is Funding #TheFixCountry Protest

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Efia Odo has descended heavily on Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon for sharing a document that prove that former President John Mahama is the one funding #FixTheCountry protest

Kwadwo Sheldon shared an earlier Tweet that actually came from Yaw Abban, an NPP communicator and put together figures which implies that Mahama was behind the Protest

Efia Odo who felt Kwadwo Sheldo was trying to sabotage their #FixTheCountry protest decided to descended heavily on him for trying to render every thing they are fighting hard for meaningless

Efia Odo insisted that the Protest is for the good of the country and not politically motivated like Kwadwo Sheldon is making his followers believe.

Below are some of the few tweet Efia Odo said after Kwadwo Sheldon shared the info.