“Embrace Humanity First And Not Lies Your Religion Tells You”- Sweetcorn Replies Critics For Dragging Him For Saying Religion Has Caused More Harm Than Good.

UK-bases Nigerian artiste, Sweetcorn real name Cornelius Jideofor has replied Nigerians and social media users in general for dragging him because of his comment on religion and spirituality.

Earlier, Sweetcorn had said in a interview with Legit TV that he thinks religion has outlived his purpose and also caused more harm than good.

This statement made him received heavy backlash; some Nigerians even cursed him saying that he would end up in hell fire. Taking to his Twitter page on Tuesday, December 1, he responded to the backlash by explaining his comment.

The tweets read in part;

“Its safe to say that religious fanaticism had become a disease in Nigeria. So couple of weeks ago I had an interview where I clearly stated that religion has outlived its purpose, and in one of the replies someone said I will…

“burn in hell and my name will turn from SweetCorn to roasted corn lol. I laughed not just because it’s funny but because of how they have used “hell fire” to mentally enslave a lot of people. Anyone who asks questions or challenges the status quo is called a sinner…

“Anyone who asks questions or challenges the status quo is called a sinner and threatened with hell. Deputy Jesus, by what yardstick do you judge sin? Some churches tell their female member not to wear make up, jewelries or trousers else they will go to hell but others encourage it. Some say watching TV is a sin but other own tv stations

“You were human first before inheriting your parents religion. Embrace humanity first and not lies you’re fed in the name of religion. Col 3:14-15. Just because someone does not support your view doesn’t give you a right to insult them or kill them.

“Please studying the bible for yourself and focus on your personal relationship with God. God is love and you cant claim to love the God you dont see but hate the person next to you. 1 John 4:20. Don’t be unfortunate please let thunder not fire you.”

Currently on Nigerian Twitter, Nigerians are commenting on religious fanaticm,  thousands of them have also concurred with Sweetcorn’s notion.

See his tweets below:



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