Emmanuel Adebayor plans to manage Funny Face after Gifting him Porsche Panamera

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Emmanuel Adebayor says he will manage Funny Face because he is a full package.

The love bond between Emmanuel Adebayor and Funny Face is just one of a kind and a brotherly one. Days ago, Funny Face had a comedy he made in the rich footballer’s Trassaco Mansion go right after he was asked to pick any car of his choice.

He opted for Porsche Panamera since it was the least expensive in the apartment. He later stormed the town with it while in a very happy mood. In a new video, Emmanuel Adebayor said he would love to manage Funny Face because he is worth Millions of cash.

Funny Face shared the video on his Instagram handle with the caption;

“Everybody has a Guardian Angel in life .. one day you meet yours .. just have a clean heart and always be genuine to dem .. you will be surprised da kinda blessing dat will come ur way .. If @e_adebayor is humble who am I , KASOA VANDAMME “ da tin sef ei over me “ GOD BLESS YOU @e_adebayor .. my #ELLAandBELLA👯‍♀️ will grow up to understand why I named dem After you !! Real recognize Real 🙏❤️ .. the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT.”

Watch Video Below: