Video:Everyone on Earth Will Go To Hell-Bukom Banku Declares

Popular Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Isaac Kamoko well known in the boxing fraternity as Bukom Banku has made serious declaration about Christians making it to heaven.

Going to heaven is one of the ultimate goals of every believer especially Christians as they always hope to see the kingdom of God one day. Due to their desire to see the kingdom which God promises to his children, Christians are always encouraged to do the right thing so that they can be counted among the privileged ones.

Christians have been compelled to abide by a ten commandment which is said to be God’s will for mankind and its believed to be what will pave way for any Christian to go to heaven. Based on this popular Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku is of the view that no human will ever see God’s kingdom.

According to him, he finds it difficult to to follow the ten commandments which he is aware others also find it difficult to abide too.

He added that if one follows 7 of the commandments and is unable to follow the remaining three, the fellow will not see heaven.

When asked about the blood of Jesus intervening for mankind, he says Jesus is just lying about it.

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