Ex wife of Popular Ghanaian footballer calls out Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard for dating her because of her Money.

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Popular controversial Nigerian blogger, Cutie Jules has alleged that Nollywood Actor, Frederick Leonard is a womanizer. In a new report obtained on her IG page, the blogger revealed how former wife to a popular footballer and a Ghanaian movie Producer found out that Nigerian actor was after her Money.

Read revelations below:

So Aunty Uche aka mama Matthew introduced our fine hunku to our fine Ghana Hunty for work o. Then as both of them are adults wey Hunty has left her footballer hubby, It was accepted when they started dating. Babe was super excited thinking she’s won herself a potential husband same yellow as herself. She told everyone who cares to listen as she was proud of her man. See as hunku is almost a legend actor and babe is also a movie producer amongst other things, it was a good thing.

They were almost settling down o.. Then boom, the trend began to set in. Babe, cash for this project, this for that bla bla bla. And since everyone was happy for them and we were getting our asoebis ready for the marriage rites. We started asking, how far na! sissy started: My sister, I thank my God o. That one is after a woman’s money and he is also a hardcore gigolo.

Abeg, let me pack the money I have left from my hard work and ootball ozzband or my shilde o. So as Naija babes dey talk #Yorubademon, for Ghana babes, it’s Igbo Gigolos by kind curtsies of Mmazi Ogbonna’a son, Mmazi Ezuronye’s son and Mmazi Leonard’s son.

Now the matter we still dey settle since morning o. These Igbo men are legit giving Ghana abes very perception about Igbo men. And this is heartbreaking cuz Igbo men in general are very hardworking. Abeg, meet me at Igwe’s palace so we can settle this. Igwe must hear this.