Fantana looses it, Sings word for word and Dances to Akuapem Poloo’s Hit Song “Sexy Poloo” See Video.

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Barely Two weeks ago after the release of her first Solo “Sexy Poloo” Rosemond Brown has pride herself with some pretty good compliments with many applauding her diverse showbiz skills. The song which features Tictac and TaysT currently sits at 147,000 views on YouTube and was recently the Number 10 on Ghana’s YouTube Top Trending.

The latest to add to the fleet of Celebs Jamming to this Song is Francine Nyarko known as “Fantana”, in a video cited by Pinaxonline the Songstress couldn’t help but sing word for word of Sexy Poloo Hit song, whats more she gave quite a firm Dance on that, per the Video Below! Perhaps this is what we need from our female Artists who never seem to be supportive like their Male comrades.