Female university student who went missing on vals day found dead.

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Anita Gunn a 23 year old student of forth valley university has been found dead after a week of going missing on valentine’s day. Reports say that when her family got the impression she was missing made a formal complaint at the police station to help find her.

The family stated that they got alarmed when they did not hear from Anita after an unusual amount of time. The search for Anita begun on the 15th of February which included a price cash of $5,000 for anyone with relevant information about her whereabouts.

Finally, investigations found the 23 year old lady dead after a week of being missing. Her body was found by a task force who had taken underground because the weather was too poor only to find her remains. Her boyfriend has been invited by the police to help in the investigation of the case while her family are burnt on getting to the root of this issue.