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Fetish Priest finds himself in a hospital over serious heartbreak from a curvy lady.

Paa Dogo a fetish priest with experience in healing mental problems has been hospitalized at Sekondi in the western region. Reports say Dogo was rushed to the Effia Nkwanta regional hospital after he suffered a broken heart from a lady.

The lady was sent to him for treatment since she also had mental-related issues some time back. After healing her the two fell in love and decided to date. Their relationship was going on well until one day Dogo caught his girlfriend in bed with her former boyfriend.

Maame Pokua girlfriend of Dogo recounted that she suffered a heat break that led her to Dogo’s custody. She tried committing suicide when life became unbearable but Dogo helped her through. According to her, dating Dogo really made her happy and helped her see life in a different direction.

Few weeks after dating the nurse Dogo decided to pay his girlfriend a visit only to see her in bed with another man. Dogo collapsed at the sight and has since been in comma. He is currently receiving treatment at a regional hospital in sekondi and in intensive care unit.



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