Find A Job Moesha, You Are Too Jobless…We Are Growing Up So Grow Up-Salma Advises Moesha Boduong

Salma Mumin after shading Moesha Boduong for accusing her of deceiving Ghanaians that she is 30 instead of 32 has advised Moesha to go look for a job because she has been jobless for a long time.

According to Salma, Moesha is growing up and there is no time to be wasting.

This advice came following Moesha’s statement that she doesn’t want Salma Mumin to be her friend anymore because she was a bad friend. Moesha went ahead to even say that Salma has been bitter all this while trying to make her butt look like she Moesha but that couldn’t be possible after Salma traveled to Turkey to enhance it.

The two actresses have been throwing shots over shots to each other and washing their dirty linen in public all because Salma believes Moesha is behind a pseudo account that accused her of deceiving Ghanaians.

The trolls have now shifted to advice and I guess Salma is mimicking Sarkodie and it wouldn’t be surprising if they start their glass challenge soon.

Check her post below:
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