Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidor drop bomb on Gifty Osei, accuses her of been behind the defeat of her husband

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Former AIDS commission of Ghana, Joyce Mensah Dzidzor has accused Empress Gifty Osei of been behind her husband losing his seat in Parliament.

According to the former Aids commission in a lengthy facebook post claim that even though Gifty threw her weight and support behind her husband in the polls, her overconfidence cost her husband the seat.

She wrote:

I am very observant and a critical thinker. Observing things from afar,Gifty Osei did so well and gave out all her support for her husband Mr Hopeson Yawvi.But Mr Hopeson actually lost because of her wife.This is the reason. You can easily touch the heart of many through calmness and softness. And Mr Hopeson possesses such qualities.One thing Ghanaians hate is someone who appears over confident, loud and quick tempered. Gifty Osei appears to be over confident, Very loud, quick tempered and always cursing people during her live videos and believing that God was going to make her husband win forgetting that the people she’s been cursing were actually the fish she should be spreading her nets to.One fact is, if you’re looking for votes from Ghanaians, you always have to be down to earth and possibly act as a “Fool” but unfortunately Gifty didn’t know this.John Dumelo has really done well looking at the votes he got. But he lost because his constituency had been NPP domain for many years and it was a no go area for John as a first timer but looking at his efforts, he really did well. During their campaign, i observed that Maa Lydia was always intimidated by John’s appearance. You can insult me on this but it’s a bitter truth. My name is Joyce Mensah I’m a realist