Former Minister condemns the burning alive of two young boys for stealing a Mobile Phone, selling it just to buy food to survive

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Yesterday, News of two young men burnt alive for stealing a mobile Phone went viral at Komarock estate in Nairobi Kenya by an angry mob went viral. The act has been condemned by a lot of people on social media and now a prominent former Nigerian Minister as also added his voice.

According to sources and report from a resident in the area, Peter Kimani, he stated that phone theft has been a rampant activity in the area while talking about the incident. According to him, The two young men stole the mobile phone from a lady and begun to run, the lady then raised alarm and the two boys were caught, beaten and later burnt alive.

Nigerian’s former Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has taken to his social media handle to condemn the act and the act o jungle justice on the two young men. He wrote:

How can a nation, a continent and a people that indulge in this type of wickedness ever escape God’s wrath? You burn two children alive simply because they stole a mobile phone? God have mercy on you and all those that support and encourage this savagery and barbarity. Jungle justice is NO justice: it is madness! READ THIS….I WEEP FOR AFRICA”Without supporting any form of crime,this is so very wrong when we have the real thieves roaming freely on the street and throwing affluence with our stolen wealth into our faces yet,you can’t do nothing rather,you wine and dine with some of them once they can grease your palms with mints.Two young boys were on Saturday afternoon burnt alive in Komarock Estate after they were caught stealing mobile phones from a member of the public.Area residents said the two boys was nabbed by angry boda boda riders who caught up with them just minutes after they stole a phone from a woman.Peter Kimani, a shopkeeper and an area resident, said that cases of mobile phone thefts have been on the rise in the estate.“The boys had just stolen the phone from a lady and were running away when they were nabbed, beaten and then set ablaze alive,” he said.Another area resident, Mr Alan Kariuki said that the charged crowd even took some parts of a motorbike and used them to light the fire that ended the lives of the two boys.“They removed part of the motorcycle, bought petrol and used it to end the lives of the two young boys,” he said.Buruburu police boss Adamson Bungei asked the youth not to involve themselves in crime but also condemned incidents of mob justice.“It is time the youth stop involving in crime since the fruits are so bitter. But members of the public should also not take action into their own hands,” he said.Can we say no to jungle justice please, do you support this action?I repeat without making excuses for their ugly actions, could be for hunger,medical or what have you”.