Fraud Nurses!! Angry DKB Loses His Cool As He Calls For Only Science Students To Become Nurses In Ghana (Video)

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DKB Ghana originally born Derick Kobina Bonney on September 3, 1985, is a Ghanaian Stand-up comedy act, TV Presenter, Actor, and Event host. He has been touted as the new King of Ghana Comedy by Kwaku Sintim-Misa who is a Ghanaian satire-comedy innovator veteran.

DKB has angrily lashed out at the Nursing and Midwifery Council for giving people who do not have a scientific background in Senior High School to pursue the nursing course.

According to the angry DKB, a friend lost a loved one just because of the of the negligence of a nurse who has no background in science. In his personal opinion, those who wants to pursue the course must strictly be science students because giving people with other backgrounds to pursue the noble profession is really causing more harm than good.

DKB took to his Instagram page and shared the video with caption;

How many more deaths shall we tolerate from fraud nurses? This is a serious message to the Nursing Governing body!

Nursing is a sciences field, what the hell are business and arts doing in there? Degrading the noble field?

Checxkout the video below;