Funny Face Chops Hot Slaps From Baby Mama In Viral Video

The feud between actor Funny Face and his baby mama seems to have rekindled again hence the two seen in an angry mood.

In a video sighted online, Funny Face who claims his baby mama has escaped with her twin girls was seen in a fight with her.

The baby mama was seen holding Funny Face’s shirt to the neck and its obvious she wants to beat him up had it not been the intervention of people standing by.

Could this be one of the movies Funny Face usually shoots or its something real.

Sharing the video of his baby mama slapping him he wrote; And u wonder why I never post u or spoke abt u … cos u simply Evil … A girl dat can slap me with both hands from da back infront of my house helps ( Emma and Yaw ) .. hold me and slap me infront of people .. yet I stayed and made u stay In dis house all because of my #ELLAandBELLA .. u can be on fone with ur daughter father for over 2 hours and leave #EllaandBella crying nonstop if I go and talk .. oyiwa !

Madam I will slap you .. hmmm .. u told ur ******** squad .. dat “ all da things am doin to him .. he can’t come and talk cos nobody will believe him .. besides dis is his second marriage and he can’t divorce me .. so I will finally kill him and live my life “ !! Hmm I cry for

my #ELLAandBELLA because if they grow and see da other worse videos .. the will HATE you for life !! Especially if I don’t make it till they grow to meet me ! EVIL woman Vanessa , plus ur Mother Vampire and Maame yeboah ASIEDU .. da chief Evil planer herself .. Maame yeboah am waiting for u .. just say something .. like how u sit on radio and insult me .. try it again !! 😡😡😡🔥🔥 “ GYE NYAME “

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