Ghana Doesn’t Recognize Rasta Religion-Nana Akomea Defends GES And Achimota School

The Managing Director of the Intercity STC Coaches Limited, Mr. Nana Akomea has jumped to the defends of Ghana Education Service and Achimota Secondary School with regards to Rastafarian students being refused admission.

Nana Akomea while reacting to viral debate on whether the Rastafarian students should be admitted in Achimota School said the popular notion that decision taken by the Achimota School authorities tramples upon the human right of the student doesn’t have a strong backing.

While speaking with Chairman General Kwame Sefa Kayi he stated that Ghana as a country doesn’t recognize the Rasta religion.

“That religion called Rasta is not recognized in Ghana . . . What has happened wouldn’t have happened if we recognized it. If the child who was admitted into Achimota school was wearing hijab, won’t he have been accepted? He would have been accepted because we recognize that religion. There wouldn’t have been any problem if he had a hijab on”, he said, also stressing that “we have freedom of religion, freedom of worship but you know the rights that the constitution gives, there has to be rules to exercise that right. We have freedom to vote but you must go through a procedure. You must go through rules . . .”

He added that if the student was a Muslim he or she wouldn’t have faced rejection because the country recognizes the Islamic religion.



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