Ghana Lucifer surfaces online to challenge Ghana Jesus

by - 1 min

Ghana comedy Actor Justice Hymns, well known as Mmebusem is one of the most popular comedian in the country now.

Mmebusem has now adapted the name Ghana Jesus because of his comedy skits mimicking Jesus Christ.

His skits never went without bashing as many Ghanaians believed what he was doing was simply blasphemy. Well, as it stands, Ghana Jesus has finally got competition, Ghana Lucifer.

Another comedy skits have popped up, this time the person is mimicking lucifer.

From the skits watched so far, Ghana Lucifer seems to aim at indirectly educating the average Christian on the schemes of Satan and how to overcome his traps.

It appears Ghana Lucifer is also winning the love of many Ghanaians as a lot of people are applauding him for his creativity.