Ghanaian Actor Prince David Osei survives Ghastly Accident

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Ghanaian Actor Prince David Osei has taken to Instagram to share Photos of how he survived a ghastly Accident sometime back, the actor took to his Instagram handle to thank the lord for delivering him from a near fatal accident.

According to him, The front tire of the vehicle he was driving whirled off while he started maneuvering on a highway but God being so good, he managed to land on the pavement and came out unhurt.

Who told you there’s no God? You can’t easily take down a praying man, who don’t just walk in the flesh but after the spirit. Elohim be praised for saving me from a very fatal accident, I came out unscratched. Guys, pls help me thank God! Front tyre got burst was maneuvering the car on the busy highway, finally I hit the pavement that divides the road, as to how the car came to a halt I don’t know, my life was literally flashing through my face. Indeed there’s a God who never fails 😢🙏 #prayers#thanksgiving @iamroyalprophetmonnie Psalm 91