Ghanaian Artist Honours George Floyd With A Beautiful Sculpture, Intends To Donate To Floyd’s Family

On the 25th May 2020, George Floyd was arrested by Minneapolis police after a convenience store employee called 911 and told the police that Flod but cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

George Floyd, 46, after been arrested was pinned to the ground and footage showed a white police, Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck while on the ground.

He got suffocated and died and the police man has been charged with murder. This cruel and in human act got many African Americans furious and they protested for so many days in America over Floyd’s death.

Many people around the world who saw the video of George suffering in the hands of the police man while finding difficult to breath called for justice for George.

Well a Ghanaian young artist who was touched by Gorge’s death has made a beautiful sculpture of George of which he intends to donate it to Floyd’ family if given the opportunity.

According to him he started making the sculpture of Floyd just two days after his death and he is calling for anyone willing to support him to come to his aid so he can cast it in bronze.

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