Ghanaian Lady who received 100 lashes in Saudi Arabia finally break silence, narrate what really happened

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It was reported here earlier about a Ghanaian woman who viral on social after Certain men in Saudi Arabia was captured caning her after having sexual intercourse with a Sudanese. The lady has finally come out to narrate what really happened and why she recieved a hundred maltreatment.

In the video, three men were caught on camera whiles one of them was maltreating the lady. The two in the background were speaking Hausa while speaking counting the lashes been received by the lady.

The video wen viral on social media and it was heavy criticized by many for such actions taken against the lady. Many called for investigation into the video. An Islamic station based in Kumasi, Zaaria FM finally got the lady to break silence on the sad video as that was the topic for the show.

According to lady, she decided not to give her name as she wanted to remain anonymous , she revealed that she was taken to Saudi Arabia as she was promised a job in the Saudi by her agent but upon arrival she was kept in the room while not attended to. It was the sudanese guy who helped her out with food and other essential stuffs she will need as a lady even the ones she will need during that time of the month.

She said she eventually became friends with the guy and the agent who took he to that country became jealous of their relationship and that brought about the 100 lashes she received as the men claim that was her punishment. She further stated that some Ghanaians in Saudi Arabia upon seeing the video came to her aid as they have helped her moved out from the house and planning to bring her back to Ghana.